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Xaquixe is a locally run glass studio in Oaxaca, Mexico. Each piece is made by hand, from start to finish, and made to order. The artisans come from rural communities and towns outside of the city and have spent countless hours learning the techniques and skills to create this special glassware. From the local employees to the resources around the shop, every element of Xaquixe is purposeful and responsible. Ovens run on recycled leftover oils from hotels and restaurants within Oaxaca’s city limits, recycled bottles are crushed and reused, and recently began using biodigestation to allow for the use of organic waste to generate energy.

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Arles Studio


Arles Studio is a Buenos Aires-based textile and design company founded by Lucía Baltar, her vision is inspired by the Mediterranean, nature, seasons, and the simple pleasures in life. All products are natural woven fibers and made by hand in Argentina.

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Mar Mar


Based in Los Angeles, Mar Mar creates unique, hand-poured candles that evoke “future memories” – a mix of past experiences and hopes for what is to come. Scents are conceptualized in Downtown Los Angeles, tested and refined in Santa Monica, and eventually poured by Light 4 life in Inglewood.  Light 4 Life fosters and creates opportunities for adults with disabilities, teaching them the art of candle making and pouring while instilling self-esteem, enabling self-confidence, gaining independence, and creating financial security.

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Founded in 2013 by Chilean-born Carolina Spencer, Matagalan combines Carolina's artistic abilities with floral arranging and industrial design, creating intricate and incredibly designed works of art. Spencer lives between Iceland and Barcelona where she explores the dichotomy of landscape and visual presentation in her environments.

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The Palmist


Clementina Calleri started The Palmist out of her devotion to artisanal practices and discovering new ways to share her sustainable techniques and products. Clementina only works with antique and upcycled materials, carefully scouring during her travels and in local markets. She believes supporting local craft and tradition is crucial to preserving the beauty and uniqueness of handmade products as well as the communities they are woven into. The Palmist stands for environmentally friendly products, changing the way we consume, and becoming aware of the purchases we are making.

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Pan After


Melbourne-based shop Pan After has specialized in celebrating individual histories and design stories, fostering genuine, long standing relationships with creators and customers for the past fifteen years. Their unique sourced and designed goods from around the world represent Pan After's values and aesthetics, reflecting thoughtful design and curation.

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