Butaque is an online retailer that believes in supporting independent brands that personalize a space with an emphasis on a more meaningful aesthetic. The vision and foundational objective is to offer a variety of unique pieces to complement an existing collection through informed and mindful spending.

Combined with a sentiment for a more conscientious approach to collecting along with environmental and sustainable awareness, Butaque will be showcasing brands that have a similar ethos which help contribute to communities, art forms, and traditions that continue to preserve cultures and practices. 



Emily's creative, professional, and academic skills are the foundations of Butaque. This is reflected by her passion for design, traditions in culture which she has honed and displayed in interior-based professions. Influences span to friends and colleagues she has formed close bonds with, education in cultural & historical studies, and travels throughout countries such as Mexico, Europe, and all corners of the United States. Apart from design and cultural influence, importance has always been placed on environmental and human awareness. Becoming involved and interested in cultural groups, causes, foundations, and conservations is extremely important to Emily, her family, and the potential clients and vendors of Butaque. 

Contributors & Collaborators

Product and Lifestyle Photography

Zach Chambers


Original Artwork for Butaque

Matt Hebermehl 


Brand Design + Web Development

TRAMA Studio